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Since 2003 Brian Mead, Business Improvement Services has been helping small to medium sized businesses, as well as non-profit organisations, to achieve ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (now ISO 45001) in a straightforward and effective manner that is designed to fit in with the existing business model or mode of operations of the organisation in question.

ISO 9001

Achieving certification to ISO 9001 will help ensure that you implement a genuinely effective quality management system that will demonstrate to both existing and potential clients your commitment to delivering high quality products and services. The requirements of the Standard ensure that you are more easily able to identify critical processes as well as reduce the risk of things going wrong that may have a detrimental impact on your products or services.

ISO 14001

With the current emphasis on protecting the environment, whether it be the broader picture of global warming, or the more local need of recycling to save resources, ISO 14001 specifies a system that will ensure you are able to identify the impacts that your business operations may have on the environment in order that you can then see how these may be reduced. It is also quite likely that ISO 14001 will help you to reduce costs through improved resource utilisation and recycling.

The release of the Annex SL standard in conjunction with the recent revisions of these Standards has mandated a common structure and core text across all management system standards

ISO 45001

Although in less widespread usage than the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards, ISO 45001 is increasingly sought by those businesses or organisation where health & safety is of particularly great significance such as in the construction and related sectors. It is very straightforward to implement, especially where the organisation already has in place a designated health & safety management function and it is designed to integrate very well with the above mentioned quality and environmental standards.

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  • #ISO9001 certification enables you to get your quality management system recognised globally. 1333 days ago
  • #ISO9001 is simply a framework, it is up to the management to use it to best effect in order to ensure the highest level of #quality. 1334 days ago
  • We can assist in #certification to whatever degree is desirable or most cost effective for a client. 1334 days ago
  • Although less widespread than the #ISO9001 and 14001 standards, #OHSAS18001 is increasingly sought where health & safety is of significance. 1334 days ago
  • Typically #OHSAS18001 involves carrying out #riskassessments and then documenting how each risk is managed or mitigated. 1335 days ago
  • With adequate focus it should be possible to attain a single #standard such as #ISO9001 in six months. 1335 days ago
  • We can advise when an existing system has been over documented to the detriment of the business and can be slimmed down. 1338 days ago
  • At the outset of an #ISO9001 certification it is important to first identify key business or organisational objectives & basic requirements. 1338 days ago
  • #DidYouKnow: #ISO9001 #qualitymanagement is designed for organisations of all sizes and sectors. 1339 days ago
  • Implementing #ISO9001 will provide #management with more visibility to be able to see more clearly how the organisation functions. 1339 days ago

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