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Client Feedback

The following comments or quotes from past clients are a few first hand accounts of their experiences in working towards and gaining the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001 certifications, and other related process improvement work.

"When IAS decided to expand its operations to include franchisees we realised that we would need a best practice manual to enable the roll out to be effective.

This also fitted in with our desire to be recognised as a company that took its excellence model seriously. We decided therefore to apply for ISO 9001 certification as this seemed the most appropriate vehicle to achieve our aims.

Fortunately we enlisted the aid of Brian Mead to steer us through the process. Brian made the process far simpler than it would otherwise have been.

We now use the manual as an integral part of our daily management routine. It has helped us to introduce new complaints procedures, more stringent management controls and appropriate forward planning. It has also helped us improve our customer relations by virtue of the feedback systems.

In all we feel that the experience has been a positive one and one which should be beneficial in taking us through our expansion programme and into the future.

Many thanks Brian for your help and patience with the set up process."

The Insolvency Advisory Service

"When Brian first turned up at our facility I was somewhat wary as it seemed an awful lot of money for getting, well we weren't sure what! However, Brian helped us produce our Business Manual, and we started to work towards it. Even at this point we were not sure if there was going to any benefit. When Brian eventually came to do the pre-assessment audit we were still sceptical even though we had put a fair amount of effort into the ISO 9001 work. We didn't do at all well at this audit, but at the end of it all I began to realise what ISO 9001 was all about; it is simply about running a business to a plan, rather than the haphazard way we had done in the past. Although that had been successful up to a point, it didn't really help us to become more efficient or productive, we were in this kind of 'comfort zone'.

After Brian’s pre-assessment audit we really got down to work, not only dealing with the basic things like good documentation, but finding out from the customer how we could really improve. To help with this we brought in a range of new systems and procedures. Once all the leg work had been done, it was then fairly easy to keep things up to date, and of course we eventually passed the external assessment first time.

Within a fairly short amount of time, the adoption of the ISO 9001 Standard had brought us from being “just successful” to now having the means of becoming much more successful."

Tony Wiltshire, European Service Manager
Digimarc ID Systems, DVLA

"For many years we viewed ourselves as a “quality outfit” and therefore believed we didn’t need ISO 9001, however we started to revise our opinion when we realized that at least one large business opportunity was going to pass us by simply because of this.

We decided to use Brian Mead, Business Improvement Services to help us with this as he seemed to offer an approach that suited our business. Brian firstly helped us draft our new business manual which gave us the start we needed, although progress thereafter was often slow, partly due to an application of minimum internal effort, and other projects involving revenue being far more important.

However Brian stuck with us and gave us the necessary prods and encouragement, as well as lots of practical advice and help when we needed it, trying all the time to ensure that we ended up with a management system that not only met the requirements of ISO9001/TickIT but also actually helped us improve as a business.

Finally we fixed a date for the assessment and it was then of course that everyone got really interested. We had decided eventually to rewrite our business processes virtually from scratch with Brian’s input wherever necessary, as we felt we needed to do this properly if we were going to do it at all. We also used the opportunity to do lots of other “good things” like spruce up the offices and get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter, as of course first impressions do count.

The Assessor’s pre-inspection for TickIT was passed with just 2 non-conformities and multiple observations as expected, but this was followed up by a very searching “Dummy Assessment” carried out by Brian which convinced us that we still had a lot to do.

With just two weeks to go we really focused company wide on getting the whole management system running smoothly, and as it turned out the final two day assessment proved to be the easiest part of the whole exercise.

So now when we refer to ourselves as a “quality outfit” we really do have a lot to show for it."

John Lockyer, Systems Support Manager

"Brian helped Reed Business through a particularly critical phase of its global Content Management Project. The project goal was to deploy a new authoring and content management application to around 3000 of Reed’s editorial staff located in the UK, US and the Netherlands. These staff support a wide range of journals including The New Scientist, Flight, Variety and Computer Weekly.

As the project moved from prototype to deployment we recognized the need to significantly upgrade our development and support capabilities for the underlying software applications. We decided to engage Satyam, one of the major offshore IT players, to provide that support. Brian worked with the business analysts from Satyam throughout the due diligence and set-up phases to develop operating procedures for use by the central project team and each of the local country deployment teams. This was important task as Reed had little formal process in place and no prior experience of working with offshore vendors. Satyam are a CMM Level 5 organisation whereas Reed would probably rank at a 2 – Brian helped find the right level for the two organisations to interact at.

As a result of his successful involvement with the CMS project, Brian was subsequently engaged to develop Software Development LifeCycle (SDLC) procedures for use by internal IT departments across Reed Business. The first two components are in the process of being deployed."

Caroline Trewhitt, Director, CMS Centre of Excellence
Reed Business

"Just a quick note to let you know that we had our second ISO 9001 audit yesterday and we passed with no non-conformances. We are sure that it is due to the excellent ground work you did in the beginning. Thank you again!"

Patrick Clarke, Director
European Doctors & Nurses

"The auditor was impressed by your manual and I wish to thank you for your help in getting us through!"

Premiere Eurocom Ltd.

"I am delighted to say that we received our certificate for ISO last week. The audit went very well and we only had a couple of minor non-conformities to deal with. Thank you for all of your support in process."


"I just wanted to let you know that we passed our ISO and TickIT audit yesterday. Thank you very much for your assistance. Many of the things we covered over the last couple of weeks did come up during the audit."


"Passed with flying colours"

Lifting & Marine

"Guy just called to advise the committee has confirmed to him we got the certification! Fantastic news! Many thanks for your advice and efforts in getting us to this stage"


"Well I'm pleased to confirm we passed both 9001 & 14001 with just 8 observations!!! The senior management were very pleased and as such we all got our bonus this month"

Katie Payne, Admin & Quality Manager
Francotype Postalia

"Thought I would let you know that we successfully navigated through the 14001 audit and they have granted us registration. A big thank you as your input definitely helped us."

Alan Williams, Director
Bolt & Heeks

"Hi Brian, Just to let you know, we now have our ISO 9001 2008 certification. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to you for guiding us through the process."

Kelvin Halford, Quality Supervisor
Ilmor Eng. Ltd.

"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Brian and his practical, pragmatic and tailored approach made the process enjoyable, successful and also immensely beneficial. We are delighted that we passed the ISO 9001 & 14001 inspections with flying colours and gained two valuable accreditations, and we now have a set of robust procedures in place to allow us to expand the company and follow up new opportunities."

James Morton, Managing Director
MBM Omega Ltd.

"Thank you very much for your time with us recently ahead of our ISO assessment. It was very helpful and gave us some useful advice and guidance."

Sally Harling, General Manager
Professional Energy Services

"I thought I’d let you know that following the second audit on Monday 5 Dec we’ve been told that, subject to
the peer review, we’ll be cleared for certification. We’re obviously pleased but are aware that this wouldn’t have been possible without your guidance and patience.

Many thanks again, and if you ever want a reference from us please ask."

Dennis Clegg

"They spoke very highly of the documentation you prepared, and of the procedures in place."

Waverley Blinds

"We have had our stage 1 today and passed with flying colours! The assessor is very impressed with your Manual and said it made his job easier."

EH Nicholls & Son

"Having missed out on a contract to a rival with ISO 9001 we decided we must become accredited to compete. We searched for help using the Internet and contacted Brian. With astonishing speed and minimal input from my colleagues and me, Brian understood our business and explained exactly what we needed to do to be successful. If you want ISO 9001 for your business, Brian has the intelligence, professionalism, knowledge and expertise to help you achieve this with the minimum of fuss."

Ben Bates, CEO

"We passed with flying colours. He praised the work that you had done for us and said that we were very lucky - some of the consultants work that he has to review can be of a very low standard or not really suitable for the size/type of business. But you had done a really good job.
Thank you so much for the work you did for us and the support you offered."

Jenny Smith, Director
Acrostak (UK) Ltd.

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